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Important Announcement for Personnel Receiving Passports

    - Employees who have obtained a special-stamped passport are kindly requested to inform the Personnel Department if their job grade changes, they move to another institution, or if they get divorced from their spouses (if they have a spouse who has obtained a passport through them).

    - When filling out the Printed Passport Form, please do not add a date to the upper right corner. The 'document registration date' stamp will be applied by our department in this section.

  - Retired / departed academic and administrative staff from our university can send their requests for Special Passports (Green Passports) to with a request letter (including their Turkish ID, address, email, and contact information). After the electronically signed document is approved, it will be sent to them via the email address provided in the request letter.

Doçentlik Eser İnceleme Tutanağı Mimarlık-Tasarım
Doçentlik Eser İnceleme Tutanağı Mühendislik Alanı
Doçentlik Sözlü Sınav Tutanağı
Hizmet Pasaportu Talep Formu
Hususi Pasaport Talep Formu
Personel Oryantasyon Takip Formu
İTÜ NOVA A.Ş.'de Görevlendirilme Talep Dilekçesi
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