Office of Administrative Personnel Affairs


The Office of Administrative Personnel Affairs is responsible for ensuring the execution of appointment and cadre procedures, as well as the processing and oversight of individuals employed in positions such as contract personnel, permanent workers, and temporary workers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Annually, carry out cadre cancellations and creations, and changes in filled and vacant positions, degrees, and titles, and report these changes to the State Personnel Presidency and the Ministry of Finance.

  2. Handle the approval process for open recruitment.

  3. Handle the recruitment of children in need of protection in accordance with Law No. 3413.

  4. Manage the recruitment of disabled personnel.

  5. Oversee the recruitment of relatives of martyrs and veterans resulting from counter-terrorism efforts.

  6. Conduct open or lateral appointments for administrative staff.

  7. Request consent from relevant institutions for the lateral appointment of administrative staff.

  8. Prepare documents and enter information for personnel who start their duties through open or lateral appointments.

  9. Handle temporary appointments in accordance with Article 86 of Law No. 657.

  10. Execute assignments in accordance with Article 13/b of Law No. 2547.

  11. Process administrative staff departures from employment.

  12. Regularly conduct promotion procedures for administrative staff every month.

  13. Adjust the status of administrative staff due to changes in their education.

  14. Prepare annual supplementary payment tables and submit them for approval to the Strategy Development Department.

  15. Ensure that information such as the start of employment, job changes, cadre and duty location changes for administrative staff is regularly updated in the Personnel Automation System.

  16. Prepare clothing lists for administrative personnel and send them to the relevant department.

  17. Enter data into the Human Resources Planning System.

  18. Process foreign language allowance for administrative staff.

  19. Handle the processes related to military service dispatch, postponement, return to work after military service, and military service evaluations for administrative staff.

  20. Consolidate the service periods of administrative staff in Social Security Institutions (SSK, Bağkur) with the Pension Fund Services.

  21. Process the debt consolidation of service periods for administrative staff who had unpaid leave.

  22. Handle visa procedures for contract personnel and temporary workers.

  23. Prepare service contracts for contract personnel every year.

  24. Handle permission processes for appointments to permanent worker positions.

  25. Process the confirmation of trainee civil servants.

  26. Ensure the preparation and submission of tracking forms and processes requested by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services, YÖK Presidency, Presidency of Strategy and Budget of the Presidency, and other institutions.

  27. Enter data on filled and vacant positions every three months in the e-budget system according to the Budget Law.

  28. Send the personnel status table (open and lateral appointments and departures from the institution) to the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services and the Council of Higher Education every three months.

  29. Report the "Labor Force Schedule" form to the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services every month.

  30. Prepare statistical data for other positions.

  31. Handle the processes for personnel on unpaid leave due to childbirth or military service.