Office of Academic Personnel Affairs

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  1. Planning of faculty position quotas within the scope of the "Regulation on Determination and Use of Teaching Staff Quotas in State Higher Education Institutions" every December.

  2. Determination of non-standard quota requests for branches and reporting to the Council of Higher Education.

  3. Use of standard quotas and non-standard quotas approved by the Council of Higher Education and announcement processes.

  4. Determination of quota requests for branches for non-faculty member positions, obtaining permission from the Council of Higher Education for quota transfers, and announcement processes.

  5. Open and lateral appointment procedures for academic staff and related correspondence.

  6. Periodic processing of monthly promotion procedures for academic staff at our university.

  7. Service consolidation and evaluation procedures for academic staff.

  8. Procedures for foreign national contracted personnel working at our university in accordance with Article 34 of Law No. 2547.

  9. Procedures for the departure of academic staff (transfer, resignation, retirement, etc.).

  10. Approval processes for incoming and outgoing faculty members to/from our university.

  11. Procedures for Research Assistants studying postgraduate programs in another university on behalf of our university in accordance with Article 35 of Law No. 2547.

  12. Correspondence related to the appointment of those studying abroad for postgraduate education on behalf of our university, in accordance with Law No. 1416.

  13. Receiving applications and handling other procedures within 15 days of publication for Academic Staff announced in relation to teaching positions.

  14. Monitoring and control of the transfer of all information and changes of academic staff into the HITAP program.

  15. Activities related to Tenkis-Tahsis and Cancellation-Addition operations for filled and vacant positions.

  16. Conducting security clearance procedures for faculty members to be appointed open, or reassigned.

  17. Managing the academic incentive payment process.

  18. Appointment of academic personnel in accordance with Article 13/b-4 of Law No. 2547.

  19. Writing necessary response letters according to the Law No. 4982 on applications made by academic staff to BIMER or to our university for information.

  20. Entering changes in academic positions into the Ministry of Finance's "e-budget" system every three months.

  21. Entering information and updates for academic staff who are appointed open, reassigned, start their duties, or leave their positions into the relevant ledger, automation, and YÖKSİS programs.

  22. Preparing service certificates for academic personnel.

  23. Handling mandatory service transfer procedures for academic staff.

  24. Procedures for changing the rank degrees of academic staff to eliminate blockages, submitted to the Council of Higher Education.

  25. Procedures for extending the service period of academic staff.

  26. Procedures for employing retired academic staff who have reached the age limit.

  27. Procedures for employing Contracted Artist faculty members.

  28. Preparing and announcing job advertisements related to the recruitment of academic staff (Official Gazette, Council of Higher Education, and our university's website).

  29. Recording discipline procedures for faculty members into the YÖKSİS system.

  30. Recording and tracking of filled, vacant, and reserved academic positions, as well as working on Tenkis-Tahsis and Cancellation-Addition procedures.

  31. Handling the procedures for faculty members to be appointed to the Rector's Office, receiving applications, and delivering application documents to the relevant juries.

  32. Preparing and sending response letters or statistical information requested by institutions.

  33. Tracking the preliminary evaluation and entrance exam results for non-faculty member positions and ensuring their publication on our university's website.

  34. Preparing unit activity reports at the end of each year.